The main theme of the group's research is "User-centric data management for network-centric applications" and over the years we have worked on the entire data life-cycle, be it data management for sensor networks (i.e., data acquisition), to data stream management systems (i.e., data processing), to web and mobile data management (i.e., data dissemination).

For the past few years we have been working on problems related to Big Data, through the following projects:

  • AQSIOS -- Next-Generation Data Stream Management Systems (NSF-funded, 2005)
  • User-Centric Data Management (NSF Career, 2008)
  • AstroShelf -- Understanding the Universe through Scalable Navigation of a Galaxy of Annotations (NSF-funded, 2010)

We have recently received funding for a new project: Data Management and Visualization in Petascale Turbulent Combustion Simulation (NSF-funded, Sep 2012)


  • April 2013: The University Times interviews Prof. Chrysanthis and Prof. Labrinidis: BIG DATA: Pitt joins consortium
  • March 2013: Profs. Chrysanthis and Prof. Labrinidis are on the advisory committee of the Pittsburgh Dataworks initiative (
  • January 2013: ADMT Lab Poster presented during the NIST Cloud and Big Data workshop (PDF)