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Audio/Video Recording
To ensure the free and open discussion of ideas, students may not record classroom lectures and recitations, discussion and/or activities without the advance written permission of the instructor, and any such recording properly approved in advance can be used solely for the student's own private use.

Cell Phone Use
Answering a cell phone or texting is disruptive and hence any use of a cell phone is not permitted in the class or recitation. Cell phones must be switched to silent mode and if you have a phone call which cannot wait until the end of the class, you need to step out of the class and then answer it.

Copyrighted Material
All material provided through this web site is subject to copyright. This applies to class/recitation notes, slides, assignments, solutions, project descriptions, etc. You are allowed (and expected!) to use all the provided material for personal use. However, you are strictly prohibited from sharing the material with others in general and from posting the material on the Web or other file sharing venues in particular.

If you have any questions on the above policies, please contact the instructor.