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The Advanced Data Management Technologies Laboratory at the University of Pittsburgh is co-directed by Panos K. Chrysanthis and Alexandros Labrinidis. Research projects are targeted towards network-centric data management applications (e.g., mobile data management, sensor networks, web-databases, etc) and the approach taken is user-centric: emphasis is given on Quality of Service (QoS) and Quality of Data (QoD) returned to the users, and on controlling the trade-off between QoS and QoD, in a way that is prescribed by the users.

Recent Publications: SACMAT'16MDM'16VLDBJ'16ICDE'16ICDE'16EDBT'16SIGMOD'15ExploreDB'15CIKM'15,

[News] Prof. Panos K. Chrysanthis has been selected as the Computer Science's Honorary Visiting Professor at the University of Diaspora initiative of the University of Cyprus.

The initiative invites distinguished Professors/Scientists from abroad to carry out research at the leading University of Cyprus. As part of this initiative, Prof. Chrysanthis gave a talk titled "Recommending Interesting Visualizations for Data Exploration" on June 1, 2016 and delivered a tutorial on "Graph Partitioning in Distributed Graph Computation" on June 2, 2016.

[News] The group goes to Internships: three summer internships to HP Labs, HPE Vertica and MS Research

HPE Labs Intern: Angen Zheng
HPE Vertica Intern: Anatoli Shein
MS Research Intern: Nick R. Katsipoulakis

[News] MDM 2016 paper accepted

Congratulations to Xiaoyu for his MDM2016 paper: MPG: Not so Random Exploration of a City!

[News] SACMAT 2016 paper accepted/to appear.

Congratulations to Cory Thoma for his SACMAT2016 paper: PolyStream: Cryptographically Enforced Access Controls for Outsourced Data Stream Processing !

[News] Our group won the people's choice poster award in the CS Day 2016

Xiaoyu Ge and Samanvoy Reddy Panat won the people's choice poster award in the CS day. Their poster was titled "In Search for Relevant, Diverse and Crowd-screen POIs"
Congratulations Xiaoyu!

[News] Thao N. Pham has successfully defended her PhD. thesis entitled exploiting the synergy between scheduling and loading shredding for continuous queries

On Friday, April 8, Thao N. Pham successfully defended her thesis. Congratulations Thao! More information can be found here.

Panos K. Chrysanthis, Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Alexandros Labrinidis, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Adam Lee, Associate Professor, University of Pittsburgh
Christos Faloutsos, Professor, Carnegie Mellon University

[Talks][DB Talk] Optimizing Aggregated Continues Queries

Optimizing Aggregated Continues Querie
Presenter: Anatoli U. Shei
Date: Feb. 25, 2016

[Talks] Two ADMT presentations in Computer Systems Seminar

"Handling Big Streaming Data in AQSIOS"
Dr. Panos K. Chrysanthis
Friday Jan. 15, 2016
11:00am - Sennott Square - Broad Room
(Hosted by Dr. Bruce Child)
"Architecture-Aware (Big) Graph Repartitioning"
Dr. Alexandros Labrinidis
Friday Feb. 19, 2016
11:00am - Sennott Square - Broad Room
(Hosted by Dr. Bruce Child)