Mask Tester

Mask Tester/Fit Monitor quantifies the protection factor of masks used in the county, and provides data and masks to increase the effective protection factor by 100x, particularly to protect vulnerable populations (e.g., older teachers, individuals with pre-existing conditions).


The mask tester aims to determine how well a given mask provides protection by comparing the reference particle count in the ambient and the particle count going through the mask. There are two versions developed. The first version uses a single sensor to measure the particle counts for both the ambient and the mask. The second version uses two sensors to measure the particle counts for the ambient and the mask respectively to improve the accuracy. Below are some photos of the first version.
Mask Tester Layout
Ambient Test
KN95 Test
Sample Test Masks
Ambient Result
KN95 Result
The mask testers can test mask protection factor at six particle ranges (0.3 to 10.0 micron) and breathability in a few minutes at remote sites like dorms, work sites, and businesses. These are the first machines that provide non-destructive calibrated assessment across the range of mask types and individualized reports comparing mask protection factor with that of top quality masks (typical spared protection factor of only 2 times versus top quality masks delivering 400 times protection).