Class Participation & Reviews: 20%
Presentations: 25%
Review Paper: 15%
Term Project & Report: 40%

Academic Honesty
Unless explicitely noted otherwise, the work in this course is to be done independently. Discussions with other students on the assignments should be limited to understanding the statement of the problems. Cheating in any way, including giving your work to someone else will result in an F for the course and a report to the appropriate University authority.

Also, please make sure you read, understand and abide by the Academic Integrity Code for the Faculty and College of Arts and Sciences.

Email Communication
In order to receive the highest priority, you must include the keyword cs3551 in the subject line of your email messages.

Class Mailing List
All students must subscribe to the class mailing list, so that they receive time-sensitive information from the instructor. Please email your instructor both your official cs.pitt.edu or pitt.edu email address as well as your prefer email address, e.g., gmail, yahoo, etc.