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Week Date Description
W02 05/20-21/2019 Recitation 01
Objective: To practice the relational model and SQL DDL
- Working with PostgreSQL using DataGrip
W04 06/03-04/2019 Recitation 02
Objective: To practice relational algebra.
W04 06/05/2019 Recitation 03
Objectives: 1. To practice more relational algebra, especially aggregations, joins, and division.
2. To practice SQL queries.
W05 06/10/2019 Recitation 04
Objective: To practice more SQL queries on Postgres.
W06 06/17/2019 Recitation 05
Objective: To understand how triggers work in PostgreSQL and to practice writing triggers.
W07 06/24/2019 Recitation 06
Objectives: 1. To get started with JDBC and demonstrate transaction concurrency control on PostgreSQL
2. To practice Views
W08 07/01/2019 Recitation 07
Objective: To practice Evaluation Modes, Transactions, Procedures and Functions.
W09 07/08/2019 Recitation 08
Objective: To practice ER diagrams and transforming them to relational schemas.
W10 07/15/2019 Recitation 09
Objective: To practice normalization, canonical forms, decomposing relations into BCNF and checking for lossless decompositions.
W11 07/21/2019 Recitation 10
Objective: To practice operations on static hashing, extendible hashing and B+-tree
W12 07/21/2019 Recitation 11
Objective: Practice Concurrency Control, Recovery