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Week Date Description
W01 01/07/2019 Syllabus, Course Overview and Introduction
Introduction, Hardware and Software, How Computers Store Data, How a Program Works, Using Python
W02 01/14/2019 Input, Processing and Output/ Decision Structures and Boolean logic
Designing a Program, Input, Processing, and Output, Displaying Output with print Function, Comments, Variables, Reading Input from the Keyboard, Performing Calculations, More About Data Output, Named Constants,
The if Statement, The if-else Statement, Comparing Strings, Nested Decision Structures and the if-elif-else Statement, Logical Operators, Boolean Variables
W03 01/21/2019   No classes (MLK Day)  
W04 01/28/2019 Repetition Structures
Introduction to Repetition Structures, The while Loop: a Condition-Controlled Loop, The for Loop: a Count-Controlled Loop, Calculating a Running Total, Sentinels, Input Validation Loops, Nested Loops
W05 02/04/2019 Functions
Introduction to Functions, Defining and Calling a Void Function, Designing a Program to Use Functions, Local Variables, Passing Arguments to Functions, Global Variables and Global Constants
W06 02/11/2019 File and Exceptions
Introduction to File Input and Output, Using Loops to Process Files, Processing Records, Exceptio,
W07 02/18/2019 List and Tuples & Strings
Sequences , Introduction to Lists , List Slicing , Finding Items in Lists with the in Operator , List Methods and Useful Built-in Functions , Basic String Operations , String Slicing , Testing, Searching, and Manipulating Strings
W08 02/25/2019 Dictionaries and Sets
W09 03/04/2019 Classes and Object Oriented Programming
W10 03/18/2019 Inheritance
Flowcharts, Quiz 2 solution
W11 03/25/2019 Inheritance and Polymorphism, Recursive Functions
W12 04/01/2019 Libraries - Pygame