MBDD in Brief

Current unicast pull methods of data dissemination do not scale well. For example, CNN's online network experienced nearly 10 times more traffic on the day of September 11, than it had the day before. In order to meet this surge of demand, CNN had to drastically simplify their web pages. Multicast communication has been proposed as a solution to this scalability problem. However, no software solution currently exists that integrates the latest research in data management within a web based framework.

We have developed a software distribution that integrates multicast data dissemination into a web based framework. Our middleware consists client and server side modules. The server side provides a web server that is capable of disseminating data by multicast. Click here if you're interested in running our web server. To download the client, start here.

Please be sure to check out our Instructions Page for other information related to the middleware


This is a collaborative research between the ADMT Lab at the University of Pittsburgh and the Network Research Lab at Case Western Reserve University.

PI's: Panos K. Chrysanthis (PITT), Kirk Pruhs (PITT), Vincenzo Liberatore (CASE)

Students: W. Li, W. Zhang, V. Penkrot, J. Beaver, M.A. Sharaf, S. Roychowdhury

This collaborative project is supported by the National Science Foundation (#ANI-0123705), Centers of Disease Control and the Pennsylvania Department of Health (#ME-01-737).