MobiDE 2003
Third International ACM Workshop on Data Engineering for Wireless and Mobile Access
September 19, 2003, San Diego, California (in conjunction with MobiCom 2003)
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MobiCom 2003
San Diego
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MobiDE 2003 Keynote Talk

Data Management in Sensor Networks: Challenges and Opportunities
Dr. Wei Hong, Intel Research, Berkeley

In this talk, I will discuss the new system challenges in data management in sensor networks and some exciting research opportunites in this emerging field. I will present some of our solutions in TinyDB/ASK, an in-network sensor database system and its supporting toolkit that we have built to meet some of these challenges. A live TinyDB/ASK demo will be included in this talk. I will also share some of our experiences in deploying sensor networks in the real world based on a variety of applications that we have deployed or are pursuing.

Speaker Bio:
Wei Hong is a senior researcher at Intel Research, Berkeley. His current research focuses on data management in sensor networks. He leads the Application Sensor Kit (ASK) project at Intel Research and is one of the designer/developers of TinyDB, an open-source, in-network sensor database system.

Prior to joining Intel Research, Wei co-founded and architected the products of two startup companies: Illustra Information Technology Inc. and Cohera Corp. Illustra developed the first successful commercial Object-Relational database system. It was acquired by Informix, now part of IBM. Cohera provided electronic catalog management solutions based on a novel federated database system that it developed. Its technology was acquired by PeopleSoft.

Wei earned a Ph.D. in computer science from UC Berkeley and holds a master and two bachelor degrees from Tsinghua University in Beijing, China.