[News] New paper in BigData2018 on the question: To Distribute, To Drop, or To Divide in adaptive stream processing?

Congratulations to Nikos Katsipoulakis for this BigData2018 paper titled "Concept-Driven Load Shedding: Reducing Size and Error of Voluminous and Variable Data Streams".


[Paper] CollaborateCom'14 and BigGraphs 2014

Two new papers published in the IEEE CollaborateCom 2014 conference and in the workshop on BigGraphs 2014 (held together with the 2014 IEEE Big Data Conference).

[Paper]Professor Alexandros Labrinidis is the co-author of a new review article entitled "Big Data and Its Technical Challenges"

Big Data and Its Technical Challenges, was published in the July 2014 issue of the Communications of the ACM. There is also a companion web site at