AQSIOS Software Release Version 1.0

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The first release of AQSIOS supports all basic Continuous Query Language of querying streams and/or relations, named views, window specifications, etc. In addition, AQSIOS 1.0 implements advanced Scheduler and an elementary Load Manager modules. These scheduling and load management techniques are ADMT proposed techniques.

System Requirements

AQSIOS 1.0 requires a Unix-based system, version 2.6.12 kernel version onwards. We have included in the package a script that tests if the kernel supports the required function or not. It runs by default in the installation script.

Installation steps

  • Download the code (.tar file) to where you want to install AQSIOS (say: /home/user/aqsios/)
  • Uncompress the package (using gunzip aqsios1.0.admt.Dec2010.tar.gz)
  • Untar the package (using tar xvfaqsios1.0.admt.Dec2010.tar)
  • Run the installation scrip (./install /home/user/aqsios)
  • Downloads

    AQSIOS 1.0 code (file: aqsios1.0.admt.Dec2010.tar.gz, size: 20MB)
    User Manual

    Release Notes

    AQSIOS 1.0 prototype is implemented starting from STREAM 0.6.0. code. It implements new modules. Namely the scheduler, load manager and statistics collector. The load manager monitors the system workload at runtime and automatically decides the appropriate amount of random shedding from the input data when the system is overloaded. AQSIOS 1.0 also implements ADMT’s HR scheme on top of the lottery scheduler. We developed the lottery scheduler to fix the STREAM’s Round Robin scheduler, to be aware of the query plan. Under this scheduler, the tickets assigned to each operator proportional to its priority under HR.

    Towards enhancing and evaluating the initial implementation of our prototype architecture (AQSIOS) we have fixed several errors in STREAM and implemented several new modules. This includes the load manager mentioned above. Note that load shedding is mentioned along with the sample operator in the STREAM manual, but not implemented in the latest released STREAM version.

    Related Publications

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