EDBT 2004
March 14 - 18, 2004
Heraklion - Crete

Software Demonstrations to be presented at the conference

  1. J. Van den Bussche, G. Vossen and S. Vansummeren. Meta-SQL: Towards Practical Meta-querying.
  2. M. Keidl and A. Kemper. A Framework for Context-aware Adaptable Web Services.
  3. K.Y. Lam and H.C.W. Pang. Aggregation of Continuous Queries in Wireless Sensor Networking Systems.
  4. B. Wu, R. Singh, P. Gupta, and R. Jain. eVitae: An Event-Based Electronic Chronicle.
  5. G. Trajcevski, P. Scheuermann, O. Wolson, and N. Nedungadi. Cat: Correct Answers of Continuous Queries Using Triggers.
  6. J. Chomicki, J. Marcinkowski, and S. Staworko. Hippo: A System for Computing Consistent Answers to a Class of SQL Queries.
  7. R. Agrawal, J. Kiernan, R. Srikant, and Y. Xu. An Implementation of P3P using Database Technology.
  8. D. Braga, A. Campi, and S. Ceri. XQBE: A Graphical Interface for XQuery Engines.
  9. S. Idreos and M. Koubarakis. P2P-Diet: Ad-hoc and Continuous Queries in Super-peer Networks.
  10. B. Reiner and Karl Hahn. Heaven: A Hierarchical Storage and Archive Environment for Multidimensional Array Database Management Systems.
  11. M.N. Alpdemir, A. Mukherjee, A. Gounaris, N.W. Paton, P. Watson, and A.A.A. Fernandes. OGSA-DQP: A Grid Service for Distributed Querying on the Grid.
  12. P. Atzeni and P. Del Nostro. T-Araneus: Management of Temporal Data-intensive Web Sites.
  13. Y. Matias, L. Portman. t-Synopses: A System for Run-time Management of Remote Synopses.
  14. R. Widhopf and R. Bayer. Affic: A Foundation of Index Comparisons.
  15. B.W. Oh, M.S. Kim, M.J. Kim, and E.K. Lee. Spatial Data Server for Mobile Environment.