DMSN 2004
International Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks
To be held in conjunction with VLDB 2004
August 30, 2004, Toronto, Canada
Accepted Papers
Call for Papers
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Topics of Interest

VLDB 2004

Call for Papers
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                      C A L L   F O R  P A P E R S

International Workshop on Data Management for Sensor Networks (DMSN'04)

               to be held in conjunction with VLDB 2004

                   August 30, 2004,  Toronto, Canada


Workshop Aim

The  workshop will  focus on  the  challenges of  data processing  and
management  in networks of  remote, wireless,  battery-powered sensing
devices  (sensor  networks).   The  power-constrained,  lossy,  noisy,
distributed, and remote nature of such networks means that traditional
data management techniques often cannot be applied without significant
re-tooling.  Furthermore,  new challenges associated  with acquisition
and processing of  live sensor data mean that  completely new database
techniques must also be developed.

Topics of Interest

We will solicit papers that  address all aspects of data management in
sensor networks.   Particular emphasis will be given  to the following
topics, as they relate to sensor networks:

* data replication and consistency in noisy and lossy environments
* database languages for sensor tasking
* distributed data storage and indexing
* energy-efficient data acquisition and dissemination
* in-network query processing
* integration of sensor network data into traditional and streaming
  data management systems
* networking support for data processing
* techniques for managing loss, uncertainty, and noise
* query optimization
* privacy protection for sensory data

Submitted papers  must not have  been published or currently  be under
consideration for publication at another venue.

We are primarily interested  in position papers, vision papers, system
designs and papers that address  new challenges for data management in
sensor  network environments. As  such, we  expect that  the submitted
papers will have a strong  network component and go beyond traditional
database systems.

Questions about the conference scope should be directed to the program 
co-chairs at

Important Dates

Abstract submission:   May  10, 2004 (5pm EST)
Paper submission:      May  17, 2004 (5pm EST)
Notification:          June 11, 2004
Camera-ready due:      June 24, 2004

Submission Instructions

All  submissions  will be  handled  electronically.  More details  are
posted on the web site,

The  workshop  proceedings will  be  printed  and  distributed at  the
workshop. Selected papers will be also published in post-proceedings.

For every paper  submission, authors must first submit  an abstract by
May 10th, 2004 (5:00pm Eastern  Standard Time). Abstracts should be in
plain text (200 words max).

Full papers in PDF format must  be submitted by May 17th, 2004 (5:00pm
Eastern Standard  Time).  Papers  should be in  the VLDB  camera ready
format (double-column,  at most 6 pages  in 9pt font).   The format of
your submission must be for US "Letter" size paper (8.5 by 11 inches).
Please  note that  A4  is not  equivalent  to US  "Letter" size.   See for  more details and a link  to the VLDB

Questions  about the  submission  process should  be  directed to  the
program co-chairs at

Workshop Format

Since  this  is the  first  such  workshop, our  goal  is  to fill  an
important  gap  in  the  community  by  bringing  interested  database
researchers  together  to  identify  future  research  challenges  and
opportunities.  As  such, the workshop will  be organized in  a way to
foster interaction  and exchange of ideas among  the participants. For
this  reason we expect  to have  longer than  usual Q&A  periods after
paper presentations and at least one panel discussion.

Organizing Committee

Program Chairs:
     Alexandros Labrinidis    and    Samuel R. Madden  
     CS, U. of Pittsburgh            CSAIL, MIT

Steering Committee:
     Panos Chrysanthis,      University of Pittsburgh
     Mike Franklin,          University of California, Berkeley
     Johannes Gehrke,        Cornell University
     Joe Hellerstein,        Intel Research and UC Berkeley

Program Committee:
   * Philippe Bonnet,        University of Copenhagen
   * Luc Bouganim,           INRIA
   * John Byers,             Boston University
   * Ugur Cetintemel,        Brown University
   * Panos Chrysanthis,      University of Pittsburgh
   * Isabel Cruz,            University of Illinois at Chicago
   * Michael Franklin,       University of California,  Berkeley
   * Minos Garofalakis,      Bell Labs
   * Johannes Gehrke,        Cornell University
   * Phil Gibbons,           Intel Research
   * Ramesh Govindan,        University of Southern California
   * Carlos Guestrin,        Intel Research and CMU
   * Joe Hellerstein,        Intel Research and UC Berkeley
   * Wei Hong,               Intel Research
   * Zachary G. Ives,        University of Pennsylvania
   * Christian S. Jensen,    Aalborg University
   * George Kollios,         Boston University
   * Alexandros Labrinidis,  University of Pittsburgh (co-chair)
   * Qiong Luo,              HKUST
   * Samuel R. Madden,       MIT (co-chair)
   * Sharad Mehrotra,        University of California at Irvine
   * Silvia Nittel,          University of Maine
   * Sunil Prabhakar,        Purdue University
   * Mema Roussopoulos,      Harvard University
   * Timos Sellis,           National Technical University of Athens
   * Anthony Stefanidis,     University of Maine
   * Matt Welsh,             Harvard University
   * Adam Wolisz,            Technical University of Berlin
   * Vladimir Zadorozhny,    University of Pittsburgh
   * Feng Zhao,              Microsoft Research