General Information

When:   Tue/Thu 11:00am-12:15 pm
Where: 6513 Sennott Square Building
Instructor: Prof. Panos K. Chrysanthis (contact)

Purpose: The focus of this seminar course is on Data in Crisis Management It aims to expose participants to the types of data in Crisis Situations and to approaches and techniques for efficient management of such data. In particular, data streams, sensor, mobile and peer-to-peer data management will be study in the context of disaster management.
Prereq: Graduate status and familiarity with graduate level database/OS/network courses, or permission of the instructor.
Enrollment: max 18 students (10 currently registered)
Textbook: There is no textbook for this class. Instead, we will examine research papers from recent conferences and journals. The papers will be made available on the web page

Oct 13: Midterm project progress report presentations are on 10/25
Oct 13: No Classes on 10/18 and 10/20
Sep 12: The schedule and papers on introduction to streams are posted.
Sep 05: The schedule and papers of the presentations of Sept. 6 and 8 are posted.
Aug 30: First day of the Seminar