News Archive

April 23: Released solutions for HW4
April 16: Final exam information
April 13: Posted today's slides
April 11: Posted SPARQL material from Wednesday's class
April 8: Posted RDF/SPARQL material
April 8: Assignment #5 released
April 1: Posted slides and material from today's lecture
April 1: Updated class calendar
April 1: Posted SQL examples
March 28: Assignment #4 released
March 18: Posted today's notes
March 18: Posted Monday's lecture notes
March 5: Posted today's lecture slides
March 5: XQuery assignment released
March 3: Posted material on XML/XPath/XQuery
February 19: Second assignment deadline pushed back
February 19: Posted this week's slides
February 12: Posted Network Analysis Slides
February 10: Posted Web Info Retrieval Slides
February 5: Second assignment released
February 5: Posted Wednesday's Lecture Notes
February 3: Posted lecture notes
January 29: Posted lecture notes
January 26: Posted recitation solutions
January 26: Posted lecture notes

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