News Archive

December 8: Sample solutions for Assignment 3 and 4
December 3: Final Exam Information
December 3: Posted slides for Data Streams
November 21: Assignment #5 posted
November 19: Posted RDF / SPARQL material
November 12: No lecture / office hours today
November 10: Slides from today's lecture posted
November 6: Assignment #4 posted
November 5: Posted material for SQL and for PHP
November 4: Change in office hours tomorrow
October 27: No class on Monday (10/27) or Wednesday (10/29)
October 24: Assignment #3 posted
October 22: Today's slides posted
October 20: Assignment #2 deadline pushed to Thursday
October 20: Today's slides posted
October 17: Posted slides, handouts, and solutions for this week's lectures and recitations.
October 8: No recitation this week
October 4: Slides posted
October 3: Reminder: extra lecture during recitation hours today
September 30: Posted slides on Data Warehousing
September 25: Posted slides on Recommender Systems
September 24: Second Assignment posted
September 17: Posted slides on network analysis
September 16: Posted Web Information Retrieval slides
September 12: Assignment #0 posted

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