General Information

When:   Tue/Thu, 1:00 pm - 2:15 pm (Regular)
    Fri, 12:00 pm - 2:00 pm (Make-up)
Where: 6516 Sennott Square Building
Instructors: Prof. Panos K. Chrysanthis (contact)
Prof. Alexandros Labrinidis (contact)
Prof. Adam Lee

Purpose: The focus of this seminar course is on Data Management on Demand or on the Cloud. It aims to expose participants to the research challenges and opportunities in providing database services for cloud infrastructures. In particular, it will study the applicability of current approaches and techniques in distributed and parallel databases as well as emerging data management technologies for the cloud. Particular emphasis will be on techniques which optimize for energy-efficiency in addition to the traditional QoS/QoD metrics.
Prereq: Graduate status and familiarity with graduate level database/OS/network courses, or permission of the instructor.
Enrollment: max 18 students (12 currently registered)
Textbook: There is no textbook for this class. Instead, we will examine research papers from recent conferences and journals. The papers will be made available on the web page

Dec 3: No Class on Dec 16, Make-up class on Dec 15 @ 12:30pm in 5317-19
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Oct 16: No Class on Oct 28
Oct 1: No Class on Oct 12 due to Winter break
Sep 30: Papers for next week have been posted
Sep 21: Papers for the next two classes have been posted
Sep 19: Due date of term project proposals is Oct 5
Sep 16: Papers for Tue, Sep 21, have been posted
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Aug 29: No class on Sep 2; make-up on Sep 10
Aug 29: Aug 31, first day of the class