Eleventh International Workshop on
Real-Time Business Intelligence and Analytics

August 28, 2017 - Munich, Germany

The first of the second decade of bridging Academic and Industrial Innovation!


The Need for Speed:
Application Necessity, Nice-to-Have or Marketing Fluff?


Real-time and low-latency data analytics receive a lot of attention in both the academic research and industrial worlds, but is faster always better? When is "real-time" data processing needed as opposed to "nice to have", irrelevant, or even harmful? What really are the cases where analytics have to happen in real-time, and for those applications, does it make sense to have a database or big data software stack in the critical path of processing? When can smart use of techniques such as pre-computation and background processing solve the problem?

Assuming that we can identify important use cases where sophisticated analytics need to be performed immediately and incrementally as data arrives, what are the bottlenecks, open research issues, and emerging opportunities for such technology? Finally, what are the answers to the above questions for transactional processing, rather than append-only analysis?

Our distinguished panel bridges academia and industry and represents decades of expertise aimed at addressing the above questions and many others (some of which they will likely raise). We look forward to hearing their insights and engaging with the BIRTE participants around these issues, which after all, are core to the BIRTE mission.

Panel Moderator

Michael Franklin (University of Chicago)

Michael Franklin

Michael Franklin (Moderator) is the Liew Family Chair of Computer Science at the University of Chicago where he also serves as senior advisor to the provost on computation and data science. Previously he was at UC Berkeley where he was the Thomas M. Siebel Professor of Computer Science and Chair of the Computer Science Division. He co-founded Berkeley's AMPLab, a leading academic big data analytics research center. Michael is a Fellow of ACM and a two-time recipient of the ACM SIGMOD "Test of Time" award.

Panel Speakers

Anastasia Ailamaki (EPFL, Switzerland)

Anastasia Ailamaki

Anastasia Ailamaki received her Ph.D. in Computer Science from the University of Wisconsin-Madison in 2000. Anastasia is a professor of Computer and Communication Sciences at the EPF Lausanne in Switzerland. She is also CEO of a a start-up, RAW Labs, which markets revolutionary software to analyse and understand raw data. Anastasia has received an ERC Consolidator grant (2013), an ERC PoC Grant (2017), a Finmeccanica endowed chair from the Computer Science Department at Carnegie Mellon (2007), a European Young Investigator Award from the European Science Foundation (2007) an Alfred P. Sloan Research Fellowship (2005), and several best-paper awards at top scientific conferences. Anastasia is an ACM Fellow and a member of the Expert Network of the World Economic Forum.

Gustavo Alonso (ETH, Switzerland)

Gustavo Alonso

Gustavo Alonso is a professor at the Department of Computer Science of ETH Zurich (ETHZ) in Switzerland, where he is a member of the Systems Group. Gustavo has a M.S. and a Ph.D. in Computer Science from UC Santa Barbara. Before joining ETH, he was at the IBM Almaden Research Center. His research interests encompass almost all aspects of systems, from design to run time of distributed systems and databases, with an emphasis on system architecture. His current research is focused on multi-core architectures, data centers, FPGAs, and big data. Gustavo is a Fellow of the ACM and of the IEEE.

Wei Hong (Google, USA)

Wei Hong

Dr. Wei Hong is a Director of Engineering in Google's Data Infrastructure and Analysis (DIA) group responsible for the streaming data processing area including building and maintaining the infrastructure for some of Google's most revenue-critical data pipelines in Ads and Commerce. Prior to joining Google, he co-founded and led three startup companies, Illustra, Cohera and Arch Rock, all of which made significant impacts to the industries of database systems and Internet of Things. He also held senior engineering leadership positions at Informix, PeopleSoft, Cisco and Nest. He was a senior researcher at Intel Research Berkeley working on sensor networks and streaming database systems and won an ACM SIGMOD Test-of-Time Award. He is an inventor of 68 patents. He received his PhD from UC Berkeley and ME, BE&BS from Tsinghua University.

Tirthankar Lahiri (Oracle)

Tirthankar Lahiri

Tirthankar Lahiri is Vice President of the Data and In-Memory Technologies group for Oracle Database (this group is responsible for Database In-Memory, Data Formats, Space Management, Transactions, as well as the Oracle TimesTen In-Memory Database.) Tirthankar has 20 years of experience in the Database industry and has worked extensively in a variety of areas including Manageability, Performance, Scalability, High Availability, Caching, Distributed Concurrency Control, In-Memory Data Management, etc. He has 21 issued and has several pending patents in these areas. Tirthankar has a B.Tech in Computer Science from the Indian Institute of Technology (Kharagpur) and an MS in Electrical Engineering from Stanford University. He was in the PhD program at Stanford University and his research areas included NUMA operating systems and representing semi-structured data within structured databases.

C. Mohan (IBM Research)

Dr. C. Mohan

Dr. C. Mohan has been an IBM researcher for 35 years in the database area, impacting numerous IBM and non-IBM products, the research and academic communities, and standards, especially with his invention of the ARIES family of database locking and recovery algorithms, and the Presumed Abort commit protocol. This IBM (1997), and ACM/IEEE (2002) Fellow has also served as the IBM India Chief Scientist for 3 years (2006-2009). In addition to receiving the ACM SIGMOD Innovations Award (1996), the VLDB 10 Year Best Paper Award (1999) and numerous IBM awards, Mohan was elected to the US and Indian National Academies of Engineering (2009), and was named an IBM Master Inventor (1997). This Distinguished Alumnus of IIT Madras (1977) received his PhD at the University of Texas at Austin (1981). He is an inventor of 50 patents. He is currently focused on Blockchain, Big Data and HTAP technologies. Since 2016, he has been a Distinguished Visiting Professor of China's prestigious Tsinghua University. He has served on the advisory board of IEEE Spectrum, and on numerous conference and journal boards. Mohan is a frequent speaker in North America, Europe and India, and has given talks in 40 countries. He is very active on social media and has a huge network of followers.