Enabling Real-Time Business Intelligence

September 5, 2016 - New Delhi, India

Celebrating 10 years of bridging Academic and Industrial Innovation!

Topics of Interest

Areas of particular interest for the workshop include (but are not limited to) the following, as THEY RELATE TO REAL-TIME BUSINESS INTELLIGENCE:

  • Analytics as a service
  • Analytics for Linked Data/semantic web
  • Big Data systems and applications for high velocity data
  • Case studies and experience (lessons, pitfalls, guidelines) from real-time BI practice
  • Challenges from advanced domains, e.g., energy data or sensor data
  • Cloud intelligence
  • Collaborative real-time BI
  • Crowdsourcing and crowd intelligence
  • Data capture in real-time
  • Data mining, analytics, and OLAP for real-time decision support
  • Data quality and cleansing
  • Event-driven analytics
  • Integration of prediction models with real-time and historical data
  • Integration of open and private data
  • Linking business strategies with real-time BI
  • Novel architectures for real-time BI
  • Optimization, performance and scalability
  • Privacy and security in real-time BI
  • Real-time ETL, ELT, and beyond
  • Streaming data
  • Tuning and management of the real-time data warehouse
  • Visualizing real-time data and information

Special Note: Papers describing real-time BI systems, platforms, and applications are especially welcome and may be allocated extra time for demoing (if appropriate).